Selwyn Condensed

Taryn Jacobs


Selwyn Condensed is a typeface designed to be used in the wayfinding and environmental branding at the Trent University Student Recreational Centre. The form of the letters takes inspiration from the forest which surrounds the Peterborough campus; as well as the spirit and athleticism of the building and students. Null Null

Selwyn Condensed Alphabet and Construction

Selwyn Condensed has a unique relationship with the trees. The width and weight of the typeface paired with its loose spacing mimics the sparse, young forest which surrounds Trent University. Some letterforms, like the lowercase y displayed above, have been more heavily influenced by the natural forms of the Peterborough forest. Null

Selwyn Condensed in use

Selwyn Condensed has been designed to incorporate the natural environment that surrounds Trent University into the Student Recreational Centre. The typeface is for large-scale wayfinding and environmental branding graphics such as the one above.

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