Re-mark is a lettering and cursive brand that addresses the decline in cursive, especially as schools are cutting it out of their curriculum. Despite the rapid advancement of technology, Re-mark looks at cursive as still valuable. Through Re-mark’s products, the mission is to re-spark the value of cursive today. Website Null

Motion Graphics

The motion graphic video is an introduction to Re-mark as a brand. Not only does the motion graphic video address the decline in cursive through a statistical point of view, but the video also speaks about the ways in which cursive is still beneficial and applicable. Null

ABC Series

ABC Series is a book series where inspiration can be drawn from by looking at cursive letterforms, which can also be educational. The floral edition of ABC Series is specifically dedicated to letterforms that introduce aspects of floral. Re-mark also holds different editions of the ABC Series that are dedicated to different themes. In addition, there is a DIY ABC Series which is presented as a challenge where someone can letter or write one letter a day. Null

Other Products

A few other products that Re-mark holds are stickers and posters. Sticker packs are available in different themes, such as the Journaling & Scheduling Sticker Pack. This sticker pack encourages productivity through little cursive sayings and titles that can be added to one’s journal or calender. Posters can be bought to be displayed as decoration, given as a gift, or simply as a motivational push through handwritten quotes.

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