Philbeat Overture

Mikee Laylo


Philbeat Overture is a campaign dedicated to promoting music in the Philippines, also known as OPM (Original Pilipino Music). The campaign discusses issues surrounding Filipinos and the Filipino culture and serves a tool that will enable Filipinos from all over the world to relate and familiarize themselves with their heritage. Vimeo Null

Meet your "Kaibigan"

The character designs were inspired by the culture of the Philippines which ranges from national animals, plants, and mythical creatures. These characters provide a sense of identity that is rooted in the Filipino culture and also functions as quirky and entertaining personalities in the campaign. Null

Philbeat Overture: The Game

Philbeat Overture is a rhythm game which challenges the player to defeat different characters against different levels of songs that features OPM (Original Pilipino Music). Through battling different opponents, the player uncovers a progressive story that discusses themes and issues surrounding the Philippines and the state of its music industry. Null

The Website

The website serves as a compact form of presentation of the campaign. It provides all of the background information, aims, as well as an online store that supports the campaign.

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