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Soo-min Chung


OMYO implies marvellous, curious or mysterious in the Korean language, and commonly used to portray the subtle savour of Korean tea. The OMYO brand and tea packages are created and inspired by the diverse characters of Korean tea and culture through art, people, costume, buildings, various kinds of tea and tea regions and, social structure. Null

Hanok - 4 Sets of Tea Package

OMYO uses this kind of Korean tea culture to express various types of tea and people of different classes from the Joseon Dynasty. The first collection of OMYO is about Korean marriage, including root tea (burdock), grain tea (brown rice), flowering tea (chrysanthemum), and leaf tea (green tea). Null

OMYO Tea Village

Each set of tea package consists of four small containers, representing the traditional Korean housing system, Hanok. Each small container includes four individual figurines of Bride and Groom costume with tea bags inside. Consumers can easily remove the teabags from the packages by pulling off the teabag strings attached to a traditional Korean mask, Tal. Null

Hanbok - Tea bag Package

OMYO is specially designed for tea lovers, who are also interested in Korean culture and oriental art. It is also a perfect wedding gift and a collectible for figurines enthusiasts. It is an educational, cultural, informative, collective, playful, sustainable (reusable and refillable) package that best describes the Korean culture.

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