Oh Mio Dio

Silvia Rubini


How much do you know about pasta? Most people would say “not much,” Oh Mio Dio gives consumers exactly what they need in a recyclable pasta box not to mention its relation to Italian tradition. Null Unlike, your typical pasta box which is only made to be used once, this box was created with a secure lid, that you can open and close. At the front of the box you will find the name of the pasta, as well as how many grams are inside the box and how long the pasta will take to cook. The circular logo uses handwritten typography giving the design an authentic feeling. Null On the back of the box you will find a long window, where the consumer is able to see how much pasta is actually inside the box along with a recommended recipe. On the side panels the nutrition label, ingredients, and information about the company was added. Null Since, Oh Mio Dio is a product made in Italy, it includes two languages, English and Italian. Our goal for retail packaging with an artisan pasta maker is to capture Italian tradition to where it all started — with simplistic design and modernity.

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