Oble is a smart inhaler and digital app designed to help ease the common issues in childhood asthma. Website Null

The Problem

The process of asthma treatment is complex. Using an inhaler can be daunting as it is very specific, has several confusing steps, and the breathing technique is often unusual and uncomfortable to the user. This results in only 50% of users knowing how to use these inhalers properly. For children, parents have to purchase additional air chambers to assist them with taking the medication efficiently, making it very inconvenient. Additional problems of inhalers include social stigmas of carrying an inhaler, not knowing when an inhaler runs out of medicine, and parents having no way of knowing if their children are using their medication correctly. Null

The Solution

Oble is an easy to use, friendly smart inhaler designed for children (aged 5-12) that combines the standard inhaler with the spacer into a single product. With it's companion app, Oble can help assist children taking the medication more efficiently without any prior assembly, and is embedded with bluetooth technology that allows parents to track the device's usage and how well their child is doing on an everyday basis. The final product has a friendly tone with removable silicon characters allowing children to use their asthma medication without worry of being looked down upon. Instead of being embarrassed about having asthma, they can get the right treatment confidently whether at school, home or anywhere else they go. Null

The App

The Oble companion app is designed for parents to help administer their child's health. By tracking their breathing efficiency (tidal volume) with each use, the app also offers breathing practice to help getting better with using Oble if the child is having any problems.

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