NASA Exoplanet Archive

Angela Noble

Data Visualisation

This data visualization was created in the coding software Processing Sketch. It displays NASA’s archive of every planet that has been documented outside of our solar system. This visualization displays information about trends of discovery methods at a glance. Null This visualization allows the user to see a visual timeline of discovery of the exoplanets. This model displays the distance of the exoplanet from its centre star through the distance from the centre. The discovery method is being communicated through the colour of the data point, and buttons to filter what is being displayed. The size of the circle represents the radius of planet calculated by the radius of earth (1 radius equals 1 earth radius). The discovery year can be specified through the slider at the bottom, and the hover displays information about the exoplanets name, and specific numbers from the data set for each exoplanet. Null The user can zoom in and out to navigate the visualization, as well as hover over each data point to see more information. Null

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