Makeup Speaks

Asifa Minhas


A magazine that recreates the value of makeup as a form of self-expression, characterization and role-play. The magazine offers a different de-sexualized approach to the idea of makeup and beauty cosmetics. By focusing on a single aspect of fashion, Makeup Speaks aims to produce a unique piece of work. Null

Typographic Spreads

These spreads feature the very first article in the magazine "Makeup: Performing Arts" by the Editors of Encyclopaedia Britannica. Null

Illustrative Spreads

These spreads feature the second article in the magazine "Makeup: Dirt or Expression" by Megan F. Null

Photographic Spreads

These spreads feature the third article in the magazine which is a detailed interview of Judy Chin. In this article, she describes the thought process behind bringing the character of "Black Swan" to life using makeup.

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