Anna Situ


Ignight is an event ticketing application for groups of people. It aims to create a seamless ticketing experience for groups and levitates user frustrations and stress for purchasing high-demand tickets.Github Null

Problem Space

Planning and buying high-demend, expensive tickets for groups of friends is never an easy process. I love going to events with friends, and coordinating with friends before, during, and after the buying process is frustrating sometimes. Who is committed to go? who's paying for everyone/splitting the cost? what is everyone's budgets? Who hasn't paid? How can we cater the needs of each individual within the group? Design Challenge: How might we create a inclusive and collaborative ticketing experience for groups of people in order to create an efficient and seamless buying experience? Null

Goals and Features

Collaboration: Form event groups by inviting friends and family members. Using the group chat box, make group decisions on budget, seating preferences, and acknowledge individual preferences. Transparency: Allow all members to participate in the ticket buying process. Members are able to send seat tickets to the group and ensure all members has paid for their ticket. Efficiency: Make group coordination efficient from beginning to end; make group coordination less frustrating; eliminate roadblocks and confusion. Null

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