Hey Love Exhibition

Jordan Childs


For workshop I decided to break the boundaries of making an app, or a book and develop a personal brand for my style of design/art. The project consists of a web store, a gallery show, collaborations, and a clothing line. Null

Live Mural

Featuring my work in a gallery is one thing, but the designer in me wanted people to interact with the idea of no limits. The solution to my interest in interaction was a 16-foot mural that was open to anyone who stepped into the show. Null

Sunday Laundry

A conceptual statement piece, the purpose of this project is to challenge the traditional format of a book—and explore how narratives are delivered. By combining poetry with fashion, the idea of self-expression through worn apparel is preserved, meanwhile the poems on each piece convey elements of this shared narrative. This experimental “book” explores the theme of love—and the wide range of emotions that fall on its spectrum. Null

Featured Pieces

Just a collection of different pieces I did that lead to the final brand/show. Within the collage you can see a poster for the show, experimenting see-through images, sketchbook designs, and some of the shirts for Sunday Laundry.

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