Hangeul - Immersive Dictionary App

Joanna Chaeyoung Song


Hangeul reduces the language barrier by providing an interactive dictionary application that allows users to receive immediate definitions and context by typing, writing, and taking photos of foreign words; helping users who need to physically interact with another language to find a quick and easy way to understand them. InvisionApp Null The final app prototype consists of 4 main features: Dictionary, Draw/Write, Camera, and Customize. The Dictionary feature is a standard dictionary structure of typing out a word in either English or Korean to obtain definitions and its context. The Draw/Write feature allows users to test out writing the language and/or mimic words they see on various signs. The app reads and provides a list of possible combinations from what the user drew. Null The Camera feature detects and directly translates the words written on products, street signs, books, and more, on a real-time camera, while also having the option to choose a picture from their photo library. I also added a Customization feature which does not contribute to the entire learning process, but adds to the personalization and familiarity of the experience itself. it allows the users to customize the main hub to fit their own existing room, or make the room look and feel like their home. Null Although there is more work to be done, these features come together to effectively allow travellers to enjoy the new language and culture of a foreign country with quick and accessible ways of obtaining translations, while also making the experience familiar and personal.

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