Hangeul Bojagi

Joanna Chaeyoung Song


Hangeul Bojagi (한글 보자기) is a fun and friendly language learning kit for the young admirers of the Korean language and culture. The package works to enhance the learning process for young pupils by creating a hands-on experience of exploring both the Korean language and culture. Website Null Hangeul (한글) is the Korean word for “Korean”, and Bojagi (보자기) is the Korean word for the piece of square fabric that wraps virtually any object that fits inside. Bojagi is one of the prominent methods of carrying and wrapping various items used in Korean culture and it is still used today. Null Users are able to experience the Korean culture as they see the pattern of Korean imagery, feel the texture of the bojagi, and wrap up their learning tools with it. This process allows for the learners to physically interact with the language even before they begin to learn. Null The supporting box for the books also holds pencils, erasers, and flashcards of the basic Korean alphabet essential for learning. The box’s second life is a portable workstation with small doors for the utensils which allow users to customize their own collection of tools to make the experience of learning a language personal.

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