Ferrato's Italian & Japanese Fusion

Jamie Ferrato


Ferrato's is a restaurant that serves Italian and Japanese fusion food that aims to perfectly mix the two cultures, food, and design of Italy and Japan. The goal is to create a full restaurant experience, with sustainable and thoughtful packaging, meaningful visual design, and memorable, unique branding. Website Null

Cultural Roots

Ferrato's was created to combine the two rich cultures of Italian and Japanese into one experience that offers not only the best of both worlds, but something more, and unique to itself. The logo was created as a visual representation of the ‘Ferrato's’ brand. I wanted to visually capture the merging of the two culture of Japanese and Italian, while not having one overpower the other. I created a logo that used two Japanese Symbols to represent the two cultures. The First symbol (日) represents Japan. It represents the rising sun, something very very important in Japanese culture. It also represents the daytime and sunlight. The second symbol (伊) represents the nation of Italy. Together, these two symbols (日伊) represent the relationship between Japan and Italy as a partnership, and show the unique relationship in this fusion restaurant. Null

Branding with Purpose

The colours I chose reflect each Nation. The Red represents Japan and the rising sun. The green represent Italy. The wordmark overlayed on top of the symbols shows the connection of the two nations under the ‘Ferrato’ brand, and how they are the foundation of the brand and restaurant itself. The branding borrows elements from modern Italian design, with red and green patterns strongly contrasting the white background. Japan is represented through the simplicity of the design, and the clean, minimal, and bold design elements such as the Rising sun, and bold, geometric characters within the logo and brand treatment. Together, these elements create the 'Ferrato's' design system, Merging both cultures visually under one fusion brand.

The Package

The package itself was created to be an effective, eco-friendly, and usable alternative to take out food boxes. I set out to create a set of three packages to hold various types of food that met these goals. I created a flat box design for pizza and sushi, a big box design for rice and cannoli, and a cup design for soup and noodles. These three packages cover the types of Italian and Japanese food offered at ‘Ferrato’s’ fusion restaurant. The three packages were designed with a loop / latch system that allows them to be tied together for take home ease. I also designed a hybrid Spork / Chopstick that comes along with the take home boxes to offer the customer an easy way to eat any of the food offered, as well as being simple to use, and biodegradable.

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