Expect Surprises

Kathleen Lawless


Nobody expects the worst to happen to them. Unfortunately, all it takes is one small mistake or miscalculation and that could be the end. This campaign aims to get individuals to carry Naloxone on their person and carry it for the worst case scenario. Null Nobody expects the worst to happen to them and even though we all know theoretically the worst can happen to us, most people shrug it off as unlikely and leave the worry out of their mind. They either believe due to experience, age, or skill, that they will not overdose. Unfortunately, there is a huge variety of factors that affect what a person’s body can handle and that can change daily. All it takes is one small mistake or miscalculation and that could be the end. This campaign aims to get individuals to carry Naloxone on their person and carry it for the worst case scenario. Even though that danger exists most opioid users have heard those warning a million times before, and they no longer mean anything to them. #expectsurprises takes a different approach than just restating the risks to opioid users. When trying to encourage opioid users to bring naloxone #expectsurprises uses a “satisfying” video to catch the users attention. After watching the satisfying video for a few seconds, the video then becomes very unsatisfying. The video then calls for users to, “expect surprises” as things don’t always go the way you thought they would. By using targeted advertising on social media sites like Facebook, and Instagram, users who are most at risk receive a message through one of the campaign’s many videos and are reminded to carry naloxone. Null The greatest challenge was trying to find a way to connect with my target audience. Most of the individuals using opioids are not in a place where they are ready for outside sources to tell them to stop doing drugs. They already know the risks of the drugs but to them, the risks have not outweighed the “benefits”. This campaign does not try to tell individuals to stop but instead tells them to bring Naloxone. The campaign couldn’t come at the audience with an accusatory tone or an overly dreary tone. It needed to be different and intriguing to those who have heard warnings hundreds of times. By using funny almost prank content, the campaign aims to catch users attention and make them think about bringing Naloxone kits. Null Due to the challenge of this project the tone of this project had to be bright, and humorous. It couldn’t rely on fear or guilt-tripping. It needed to stand out and therefore the entire project uses bright colours and white space. The mark above is the mark for the campaign. It is an altered Naloxone molecule where a heart has been switched out for parts of the molecule. This instills the idea that Naloxone can give you back your life and can prevent you from losing your heartbeat forever. Overall, the project took a very light tone from the copy to the images and icons. There are two main aspects to this project, the social media campaign and the website where users can go to find kits, donate, and learn more about Naloxone and the opioid crisis. Red is the Brand’s primary colour with blue as a close second. Red was selected due to the importance of the topic as well as its association to danger. This issue is very important and very serious, and while the major tone of this project is fun and humorous, it is important to inject the importance of this issue through the use of colour. Red is also very reminiscent of blood and is used in first aid and on naloxone kits. The website uses open white space and opens letting to give off the bright tone of the project. It uses icons, photography from the campaign, from the naloxone kit, and other promotional merchandise to further remind individuals of the campaign’s message.

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