In a world where minimalist shoppers are looking to condense waste/ excess and unnecessary shopping, we need to find a way to reduce our food waste and plastic waste. In a grocery store, to pack your oranges, apples, tomatoes, etc., you would have to grab a plastic-bag ( not Eco friendly) and stuff more items than necessary. wether its 2,4, 6, or 8 items per bag, people usually grab more than necessary. The bag it self is not recyclable and not easy to carry. You need to put the fruit bag in another bag to carry. I have designed a container that can hold 2-4 items (spinach bundles, carrot bundles, round fruits such as apples, oranges, tomatoes, lemons) This container has its own handle and is made from 1mm cardboard/card-stock. Null Dot. is a redesigned take out tray set up for 2 to 4 drinks. The current take out trays that are on the market are generalized package designs and are not designed for its users but for its products. The tray can hold up to four drinks but does not have the flexibility to change the number of drinks. It is also not accessible design for arthritis patients.

Dot. has an extendable tab that allows its users to make the tray transform from two to four cup holders. The holders are universal and can hold any cup size. Each cup holder has tabs in the middle to adjust to the size of the cup such as small, medium, large, & extra large.This idea eliminates wasted space and chunky trays. Null Dot. is also designed with accessibility in mind. This tray helps Arthritis patient’s lift-hold multiple drinks without putting pressure on major joints. This ergonomic design helps Arthritis patients to use the take-out tray without using griping motions. Griping motions can be difficult and painful for Arthritis patients.

The side of the package has a hole meant for the thumb and has finger holes at the bottom of the tray for placement of the palm and fingers. The holes are created for better stability. Dot. makes it possible for target users to put the weight of the tray on the palm of the hand and away from joints. This eliminates grabbing and gripping motions to hold trays from the sides and corners. Dot. is environmentally, ergonomically and user-friendly. Dot. is made from recycled paper and uses no adhesive.

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