Dive Editions – The Monthly Picture Book for Adults

Soo-min Chung

Book Design

Dive Editions is not just a publisher but more of a brand that will allow you to take a break from your hard life with a form of art: Picture books, memorable object from childhood, comforting material, and an entertaining hobby. By reading through our monthly deliverable issues, you will be relaxed and be consoled from your hard and stressful life. Null

Issue 01 - Front Cover Design

Each Issue of Dive Editions delivers two books about one theme, by one “Dive Creator” (author/Illustrator) For the first issue, I have created one main graphic novel and supportive application book about [How to love myself]. Two books are bond together with book sleeves that shows Issue number, Customized logo, and Theme of the month at front page. Null

Issue 01 - Contents Design

First book of Issue 01, [An Ordinary Day] is a graphic novel about ‘me,’ who is living in similar daily routine. ‘Me’ is tired about her boring life, and she feels imperfect about her depressed life. She gets ready to work, commute, and work as usual, and she feels useless about herself as usual. Then, the boy asks how is she and stay beside her until she starts to speak out her worries.

Issue 01 - Back Cover Design

Back of the books presents the customized version of Dive Editions logo. Also, the back sleeve of each issue contains summarized information about Dive Editions: About the brand, Be our creator, Subscribe us. Barcode and contact info also goes into back panel of the sleeve.

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