Data Narratives

Gurleen Hansi

Data Visualisation
Information Design

Data Narratives is a textiles-based data visualization created using various embroidery techniques. It is intended to visually narrate an individual’s everyday life using FitBit data that is represented in the form of symbolic motifs. This piece is derived from an amalgamation of various bodies of thought including, Hyperreality, the Quantified Self and Data Humanism. Website Null At first glance, this piece appears as an ordinary piece of embroidery however through the use of Augmented Reality technology the meaning behind the motifs is revealed, thus fostering a gradual understanding between the viewer and the visualization. The very core of this work is to explore our tactile sense and uncover ways to embed information about ourselves derived from technological devices (digital space) into the physical space surrounding our bodies. The year long process of developing this work was led by one primary inquiry: How might we use data visualization to generate empathy in the viewer and elicit a response at an emotional level? How can we project our identities onto our surrounding objects and use them as a vehicle to narrate our personal stories?

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