Constructing Conscious

Kiana Shavalier


For my senior capstone project, I chose to explore the question: “How can cognitive biases be materialized through design?” I created a fake gallery exhibition using an optical illusion to demonstrate the brain's automatic processes and the connotations of them in the context of discrimination. Null From a distance, you see the image. Up close, the image disappears and all you can see are the individual lines creating the image. This relationship between distance and visual perception is supposed to represent what we see when we observe people without knowing them versus understanding people and the complexities and uniqueness of their nature. Null Null I created a gallery guide to go along with the exhibition. In includes an explanation of the show, a short essay about our brains and the judgement of others, and a listing of all the pieces. I wanted to really emphasize the beauty of the patterns themselves, so I layered the different lines that I used for the pieces together to open and close the booklet.

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