Buddy - Animal Therapy Service App

Vincci Chan


Buddy is an app that provides assisted-animal therapy service at the user’s home instead of going out. It allows users to make appointments and receive intimate and insightful recommendations from their closest social network. The service helps the user regain their confidence and communications. Null

Logo Design

Buddy is a positive, cheerful, and friendly brand name that is easy to remember. The design is intended to evoke imageries of warmth and friendliness with therapy animals. The logo design considers the goal of the service, which is to bring love and warmth, hence the use of the heart shape. The “tail” is designed with the Bézier curve, and it represents the animals. The “eyes” add the most important touch that brings an interesting look and feel. Null

Graphic Icon & Symbol

The graphic icon and symbol are widely used in the Buddy app. To give a warm, active and friendly feeling, the colours are coral and light orange. Coral is the main colour, and light orange is an assistant colour. Null

Interface Design

The relationship between humans and animals can have a strong therapeutic effect. We believe that having the chance to touch and see animals up close at home can give people a appreciation for animals. Not only that, therapists and therapy animals can accompany clients to face and manage mental problems.

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