Candice Zhou


Exploring how luxury brands use their symbolic power to redefine the practical value of goods, specifically through the sense of urgency they create through advertising and the perceived scarcity of their products. I wish to examine, through a series of artifacts, the disconnect between quality goods and the perceived worth of a product. Website Null Null


I took on extreme measures by adding luxury brand logos to disposable items and cheap materials, such as garbage bags, nylon bags and PVC totes and plan to create a photo series depicting their usage. In carrying out this image series, my hope is to question the cognitive dissonance between real and imagined value of luxury fashion brands. View complete case study at my Website Special thanks to Photographer: Cora Li, Models and Makeup Artists: Zhongqi and Joel Louzado. Null

Research and Documentation

The Documentation Process Book is a bound document containing a visual record, with annotation, of my activities in Design Workshop.

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