Christina Zalec

Book Design

Christina Zalec is a graphic designer and illustrator from small-town Suburbia in Ontario, Canada. When she’s not staring out her window at rows and rows of identical houses (kidding – her town isn’t that suburban), she likes to spend her free time listening to classic rock and hanging out with her rabbits (David) Bowie and Eleanor Rigby. Christina has been creative her whole life, and could even hold a pencil before she could walk – true story. Her creativity manifests itself in drawings, paintings, digital art, photography and her slightly unorthodox and incredibly time consuming nail art. Despite her passion for all things art, she had no idea how to turn this into a fulfilling career, until she discovered graphic design during a yearbook class in high school. She loved it, as it gave her the opportunity to combine many of her creative passions together, and she hasn’t looked back since.

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