Channon Leathley

Book Design

Channon Leathley is a multidisciplinary designer with a passion for the handcrafted design process and a two-time 2018 ADAA semifinalist. She is fueled by the love to learn, explore and sharpen her skills in different design fields, but especially enjoys working with print and UX/UI. Channon’s work often relates to her interests and values as a person. Design allows her to communicate ideas and build experiences through a creative output that is both attractive and meaningful to users. Her mindfulness for socially responsible design influences her to create work that leaves a positive impact wherever she can. Her approach to design is a systematic method using research to inform, reason and drive the decisions of a project. Her projects tend to incorporate playful concepts and colour schemes. When she isn’t designing, Channon likes making digital art, drawing, painting and crafting unforgettable handmade cards for her friends and family.

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