Does this look good in #FFFFFF or #F9F9F9?

This is design, In Real Life

The 2018-19 York University/
Sheridan College Grad Show

April 10th & 11th at Free space


This isn’t your average design show.

This is a celebration of conquering critiques, surviving sleepless nights, earning our degrees, and making some cool stuff along the way. We’ve decided that after four years of closed doors, we are ready to let you in on who we are!

Get ready to meet a Taco Indulger, a Pig Enthusiast, a Selfie Master, an Empathetic Thinker, a Meme Queen, a Night Owl, and many, many, Ambitious Designers. We run on ramen. We crave cold-brew. We are fuelled by tears. We are designers, and we are people. Come meet us, all in Real Life!

Come meet the designers behind the design. Come meet us, IRL

A photo of Ashley Philip

Ashley Philip

Branding, Packaging, Print

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A photo of Candice Zhou

Candice Zhou

Branding, Motion, UI/UX

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A photo of Olivia Librandi

Olivia Librandi

Branding, Digital, UI/UX

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A photo of Samantha Tomlinson

Samantha Tomlinson

Communication, Illustration, Interactive

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A photo of Jasmine Shuyi Zhang

Jasmine Shuyi Zhang

Branding, Digital, Motion

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Put your eyes together for the class of 2019

Without Drake or Rihanna, we can still show you all the work, work, work, work, work, work. Check it out!

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Meet the grads behind these projects In Real Life at the grad show on April 10 & 11 at Free Space!

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April 10-11th, 2019 at Free Studio

68 Claremont St Toronto, ON. View Details

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